NOVIH NOSTALGIA (English Dept. Student)

At the time of research take which in executing on Wednesday until Friday 29-31 december 2010,in there executing research concerning pattern and habit live Binuangeun society do former habit often doing until now executing in Binuangeun area,after in conducting research in reality that habit still n habit conduct as which often in conducting the area that is habit or mortar beating,which conductinng since ahead till now habit of that mortar beating of still remain to take place and still in preserve in Binuangeun area,but habit of that mortar beating only in conducting at the time of will in just certain event executing like that mortar beating event khitanan,from event many benefit which in earning besides togetherness in mutual assistance also konsequinity system between citizen in the area still iterwin that strength earn in seeing from togetherness inyhe mortar beating of citizen in assisting each other to do the activity.

Resident living in Binuangeun is fisherman mhit fish haul which they earn them sell to fish auctioneer or in providing place to sell fish auction place besides them sell fish haul which they earn them sell in place fish auction some of its fish haul them of them make briny fish and way of making briny fish shall be as follows:

Materials, Fish, Salt

Appliance, Place to put to the sun briny fish, Way of making, Cleaning fish and split to become to shares, After that finishing fish enhancing with salt till salt diffuse into fish and fell fish brinyly., After salt difusse into fish put to them sun briny fish till run dry., After running dry briny fish ready from in selling.

Besides the most resident there move is which go abroad in the area or they come there with marriage system.Typical food there area is Lemeung. Lemeung is one of the typical food area which in making of materials which in yielding from the area and way of its making area also don’t too difficult.Way of making Lemeung shall be as follows:

Materials, Rice, Salt, Coconut mink

Appliances,.Bamboo, Banana leaf

Way of making, Clean rice until cleanness, Cook half done rice, After wards input into bamboo which have in cleaning and in arranging in layer with banana leaf, After input into bamboo which in arranging in layers leaf burn leumeungtill its bamboo become dry and black.

Besides also area technology there have gone forward ertswhile when them go out to sea to look for fish only using ordinary board but now they have used boat using machine which into mentioning Beleketek.InBinuangeun area also besides them yield fish and make briny fish in area there also decorative fish conducting as well as rock terumbu.But in decorative fish conducting as well as rock terumbu don’t in conducting by each citizen but in form and in managing by organization.

In seeing from economic facet in its economics Binuangeun area have started to expand and star to go forward even though some of citizen still chosen traditional appliance to assist tehm in conducting their duty like their mother still use stove with firewood to assist them cooking.Govermental though given elpiji gas free of charge but most don’t use the elpiji gas with various reason but all do not have an effect on for them.


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