by Laura

STKIP setia Budhi Rangkasbitung in Lebak districts, conduct research in the south, more precisely in the district wanasalam, estuary village, the village that became the object of research Binuangeun student seven elements that become the object of research, ranging from religious elements, science, economy, technology , linguistic, and art that are in the area.

estuary village of origin

estuary is a river meeting the sea that forms the mainland to become a village called the village Binuangeun estuary village. of history that specifically Binuangeun which means hiding place. Binuangeun village, estuary village, wanasalam subdistrict, Lebak district in the southern region of the province of Banten.

estuary is an area of 1210 Ha villagers to borders:

north is bordered by the village cipedang

the south by the ocean Indonesia

west bordering Pandeglang

the east by the village wanasalam

estuary village population 10,177 with a total of 5229 male and 4948 female person. because this region very close to the coast which has beautiful scenery with white sand makes the beautiful panoramic views Binuangeun

elements that are Binuangeun area, the estuary village, district wanasalam, Lebak district, will be discussed in detail

1. religious elements

Binuangeun community that is mostly Moslem amounted to 10,171 persons, besides the religion of Islam there is also a catholic religion as much as 6 people who came from immigrants. much different from other Islamic religious person, they also worship obligatory and sunnah prayer and fasting in the month of Ramadan. but its implementation is slightly different from the clock that is if they want the evening prayers because they are always there amid the sea and do not know what time, then they reference is the sunset.

2. language elements

Binuangeun native language is Sundanese language offerings, the majority of citizens Binuangeun earns a meager living as a fisherman in accordance with existing conditions in the area Binuangeun. community that is in Binuangeun mostly migrants from other regions such as Aceh, Bugis, Javanese, and desert. in the presence of migrants from other regions not so affected but Binuangeun native language of immigrants who are affected by native language Binuangeun. although there are some people who use the native language of the region. language in Binuangeun berfungsisebagai means of communication between people, when they were in the community they use the native language Binuangeun but when they are in their environment using native language bleak: Javanese, Buginese, Acehnese and desert. one of the original vocabulary

Sundanese language offerings in Binuangeun village, the village of estuaries that are used

everyday such as: Imah (home), ulin (play),

he’es (sleep), Rug-Rug (collapse), mumuluk (breakfast), ceurik (crying), ngojay (swimming), gacong (profit sharing), nuhun (thanks) nyangu (cooked rice), kuriyak (mutual assistance).

3. art elements

Binuangeun areas not seen a significant art, because most of these are a fisherman at sea. but there are a bunch Binuangeun local mothers who are pounding rice with a pestle to produce a rhythmically vibrant music to accompany a song that is sung by the mothers, played by rice pestle alternately stomping usually this game is displayed to the day of harvest, but This game is now shown also to welcome the event of high officials or foreign tourist area

4. elements of the economy, technology and science

because the area is located on the coast Binuangeun majority of his livelihood as fishermen, in view of the state of society Binuangeun, most of its people have an affluent economy. dipergunakannya technology that was already quite advanced, although still there are people who still use traditional tools. other than that the knowledge possessed by people Binuangeun not inferior to other areas, many residents who have knowledge Binuangeun ample, can be viewed from the level of education that they are following.


Beach Wanasalam Binuangeun in Lebak District, 4 km from the bus terminal Bayah, 17 km from Terminal Malingping. Can be easily reached by public transport or private.

Located on Highway Binuengeun. Here one can enjoy the activities of the fishermen landing their catch to be auctioned.

Along the coast are many comfortable places to relax with family.

There is a villa resort facilities that can be rented.

Binuangeun estuary, fishing village located on the estuary of the river mouth that is big enough it look more busy than any other beach, situated about 4 km west of the coast bagedur, there are so many boats fishing boats seen, there is also a traditional fish auction place, you can get lobster with low prices, shrimp, fish krapu, snapper fish, the price is incredibly cheap. Village Binuangeun Estuary has one of the most comfortable hotel in the area Malimping, the hotel is situated on the banks of the river that is wide enough to each cottagenya can lean fishing boat trolling for a variety of fish on the south coast. Binuangeun Estuary is a paradise for the professional angler, sometimes they can go fishing kekawasan Ujung Kulon National Park.

Besides being a beautiful tourist beach, Beach Binuangeun better known as the biggest fish auction place in Lebak south coast, with the distance is not far from the city about 20 km Malimping make this place easy to reach, in this place can be seen fishing activities that were catching fish and shrimp, especially in the dry season, this place is also always be good fishing tour event locally and nationally Scala considering the abundant marine wealth potential, in this place there is also a beach a tourist attraction called Karang Malang beach, Beach is decorated with beautiful coral reef that juts sea, coconut trees waving palm beach add to the cool atmosphere with stunning beauty of the island Tinjil from a distance.

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