Eucabeth Odhiambo, Shippensburg University

Including classroom research methodology in undergraduate is not a common practice. In order for practicing teachers to conduct classroom research in their own classrooms it is critical that they are involved in some form of planning preparation during their pre-service years. In this study, classroom research was included in one undergraduate education course for the following purposes : 1) analyzing the involvement of pre-service teachers in action research through a two day field experience and, 2) assessing how this experience impacted students’ view regarding classroom research as a tool for improving reflection and classroom decision making 3) assessing ways in which undergraduate faculty can improve projects to enhance student experiences and skills in using action research as a tool for instruction and assessment. Students selected topics that they were able to observe related to classroom practice, analyze and develop alternative design. Results from this study indicate that most participants experienced an increased comfort level about conducting classroom research as a tool for improving reflection, and solving classroom issues.

sumber:Journal of Instructional Pedagogies

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